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How to Compare Mobile Phones

There are lots of options to choose from when picking a new mobile phone contract, here are things you should consider:

Phone Brand

Most people have heard of Apple, Samsung, and Huawei, but there are dozens of other brands that could be cheaper or more suitable.


Many phone models have useful features like iPhone’s face ID security, or the Google Pixel camera’s Night Sight to capture great looking photos in the dark.

Operating System

Most smartphones use either Android, Windows, or Apple’s iOS. Depending on which system you prefer using, you may want to consider which brand you choose.

How To Compare Mobile Phone Contracts

Contract Term

Based on how flexible you want to be with your contract, you’ll usually have the option of picking a one month contract, 12 month contract, or a 24 month contract. Generally, the longer the contract is, the cheaper the monthly cost is.

Pay Monthly Or Pay as You Go

You can either choose a mobile phone plan with a contract, where you pay for a monthly allowance of data, minutes, and texts, or you can pay as you use them.

Minutes, Texts, And Data Included

Deals with lots of data included will be more expensive than those with low data allowances. You should ensure you pick a deal with enough data, so that you avoid paying for overuse.


Many networks offer rewards for taking out a contract, such as free Spotify and Netflix accounts, Amazon vouchers and even refunds on data you don’t use in your plan.


Consider checking what the network coverage is like in your area. Some networks perform poorly in some areas of the UK, so it’s worth making sure you can get signal where you live.


One of the biggest factors is the cost, one of the easiest ways to compare the price of phone contracts is to use a comparison site— like ours!