Advantages Of A Mobile Phone Contract

Getting a mobile phone contract can sometimes be an ordeal, there are lots of deals to choose from and you want to find the right network for you. However there are several reasons why many people choose to apply for a mobile phone contract over getting a pay as you go phone.

We’ll look at why getting a phone on contract could be a better option than pay as you go, and the advantages that come with it.

Benefits Of A Phone Contract

You can get a phone without paying upfront

You get a handset with the contract. This saves the customer in spending a huge amount initially for the mobile phone. The contract provider fixes a minimum monthly installment for the customer, usually 12 - 24 months, so the customer can own a mobile phone.

Most networks offer the newest smartphones as soon as they are released. So if you want the new popular handset without spending up to £1000 to buy it outright, you can get it in more budget-friendly installments.

Offers and incentives

Due to the huge competition in the mobile industry, the networks all offer incentives for choosing their service on contract. They get value out of keeping you as a customer for a long time, so they offer things like free data roaming, money off vouchers, gift cards and more.

Every year, good deals and surprise gifts are also announced by the mobile companies to entice their customers to stay and attract new customers. Some even offer expensive items like TVs and games consoles that are then factored into the monthly price.

Cheap monthly payments

If you like to spend very little monthly on your mobile contract, you can get SIM-only deals from as little as £5, which is especially good if you already have a handset. Many networks offer handsets and sims from as little as £10 per month too.

Many contract plans only tie you down for one month, so if you only need a contract for a few months they can be flexible with their terms.

Flexible with data and minutes

You may use copious amounts of data streaming music and video, on social media, and chatting and texting your friends and family, or barely at all. All the networks offer plans that have lots of allowances or minimal allowances to adjust to people’s budgets.

Many networks offer unlimited data and plans with personal hotspots if you need to use the internet on your laptop or tablet too.